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Publishing Profile

The Pepin Press are publishers of books and book and CD-ROM sets on graphic and textile design, ornament, pattern, web design, fashion, costume, jewellery and architecture. More specifically, our areas of interest are:

  • books that contain visual resources and inspiration for artists and designers, both for professionals and serious amateurs;
  • books on fashion, in particular titles that aim to help designers and craftspeople to combine a visual approach with practical and technical concerns;
  • large, significant and lavishly illustrated books on the decorative and applied arts and on architecture.

The majority of our publications are developed and generated in-house, many using images selected from our extensive archive of decorative art originals, textiles and fashion items. However, a growing number of artists, authors and designers are attracted to our style of publishing, resulting in some very fruitful partnerships.

We are equally concerned with standards of illustration, photography, design and editing in our aim to be an important player in our specific line of publishing. In 2007, our new, purpose-built photo studio became operational, from where we work on a series of new books on fashion and textile design.

In tandem with the company's careful focus on its field of specialisation, we have paid much attention to building an outstanding international distribution network that at present covers some 65 countries. The result? We rarely sell fewer than 15,000 copies of a title. Some of our best-selling titles have sold over 400,000 copies.

Company History

The Pepin Press grew out of Pepin van Roojen's one-man graphic design and book production operation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In 1990, the first book under the Pepin Press imprint was published: The History and Culture of Malaysia, published in Malay and English in co-operation with the National Museum in Kuala Lumpur. It was followed by The Architecture of Malaysia, Batik Design, and The Straits Chinese, of which the latter two are still in print today and a revised reprint of the former is being planned.

In 1994, after some eight years in Southeast Asia, Pepin relocated back to his home town, Amsterdam, and The Pepin Press was incorporated in The Netherlands, maintaining production and distribution facilities in Singapore. While continuing to publish books on Asian themes (mostly on decorative arts and architecture), the company published its first practical graphic design title, Graphic Ornaments, in 1995. This resulted in a new focus on practical design books and later evolved into our Agile Rabbit Editions imprint.

Over the past ten years we have established the following as our focus:

Agile Rabbit Editions: In 1998, the highly successful Agile Rabbit Editions series of book and CD-ROM sets was started, providing designers and artists looking for outstanding visual material with high-quality, original concepts. This continuously growing series now encompasses ornament and patterns from all over the world and from many different eras, graphic themes, image collections on a variety of subjects, original photography, etc. Since its inception, some four million 'Agile Rabbits' have been sold.

Web Design Index: In 2000 we published our first Web Design Index. Since then we have issued a new volume every year, and since 2004 have also published the additional Web Design Index by Content. These annuals are the point of reference for anyone involved in web design and web-related business.

Folding and Packaging Books: The Pepin Press/Agile Rabbit Editions is the foremost publisher of books on structural packaging and paperboard folding.

Fashion and Textile Design: Over the years, we have published numerous textile related titles, ranging from books on batik and ikat, to several Agile Rabbit volumes, such as Lace, Embroidery and Weaving Patterns. In 2001, we published Figure Drawing for Fashion Design, which quickly became one of our best-sellers. The Pepin Press archive includes some 50,000 original items related to fashion and textiles, including thousands of original fabrics, clothes, accessories, fashion plates and cutting patterns.

Applied and Decorative Arts: In our hardcover publishing, we are looking to publish books on costume and textiles, jewellery, non-Western cultural history, photography and architecture. We are especially interested in themes that may be less well known but nevertheless merit serious publication.

Our Team

Following a career as international sales manager with large German publishing companies, Pepin's wife, Anette van Roojen, joined the company as Sales Director in 2000.
At present Anette and Pepin jointly run the company, whereby Anette manages all issues related to sales, marketing and distribution. Currently, our team consists of eight very dedicated and experienced employees, assisted by a group of some 25 accomplished freelancers.

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